Written Assurance

Legal Form Number9A
CourtU.S. Claims Court
SectionCourt of Federal Claims
United States Court of Federal Claims
________________________, )
) No. _____________
Plaintiff, )
) Judge ____________________
v. )
Defendant. )
I, _________________________________________, declare that:
1. My address is ____________________________________________________________,
and the address of my present employer is ______________________________________.
2. My present occupation or job description is _____________________________________
3. My present relationship to plaintiff/defendant(s) is _______________________________
4. I have received a copy of the Protective Order in this action.
5. I have carefully read and understand the provisions of the Protective Order, agree to be
bound by it, and specifically agree I will not use or disclose to anyone any of the contents
of any Restricted information received under the protection of the Protective Order.
6. I understand that I am to retain all copies of any of the materials that I receive which have
been so designated as Restricted in a container, cabinet, drawer, room, or other safe place
in a manner consistent with the Protective Order and that all copies are to remain in my
custody until I have completed my assigned or legal duties. I will destroy or return to
counsel all Restricted documents and things that come into my possession. I acknowledge
that such return or the subsequent destruction of such materials will not relieve me from
any of the continuing obligations imposed upon me by the Protective Order.

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