Cover Sheet

Legal Form Number2
CourtU.S. Claims Court
SectionCourt of Federal Claims
In The United States Court of Federal Claims
Cover Sheet
Plaintiff(s) or Petitioner(s)
Names: _______________________________________________________________________
Location of Plaintiff(s)/Petitioner(s) (city/state): _______________________________________
(If this is a multi-plaintiff case, pursuant to RCFC 20(a), please use a separate sheet to list additional plaintiffs.)
Name of the attorney of record (See RCFC 83.1(c)): ___________________________________
Firm Name: _______________________________________________________________
Contact information for pro se plaintiff/petitioner or attorney of record:
Post Office Box: ______________________________________________________
Street Address: ______________________________________________________
City-State-ZIP: ______________________________________________________
Telephone Number: ______________________________________________________
E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________
Is the attorney of record admitted to the Court of Federal Claims Bar? Yes No
Nature of Suit Code: __________ Agency Identification Code: ____________
Select only one (three digit) nature-of-suit code from the attached sheet. Number of Claims Involved: ____________
Amount Claimed: $_______________________
Use estimate if specific amount is not pleaded.
Bid Protest Case (required for NOS 138 and 140):
Indicate approximate dollar amount of procurement at issue: $____________________________
Is plaintiff a small business? Yes No
Was this action proceeded by the filing of a Yes No Solicitation No. _____________
protest before the GAO?
If yes, was a decision on the merits rendered? Yes No
Income Tax (Partnership) Case:
Identify partnership or partnership group: _________________________
Takings Case:
Specify Location of Property (city/state): _____________________
Vaccine Case:
Date of Vaccination: ___________________________
Related case:
Is this case directly related to any pending or previously filed Yes No
case(s) in the United States Court of Federal Claims? If yes, you
are required to file a separate notice of directly related case(s). See RCRC 40.2.
Form 2

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