Protective Order in Patent Cases

Legal Form Number8A
CourtU.S. Claims Court
SectionCourt of Federal Claims
United States Court of Federal Claims
________________________, )
) No. _____________
Plaintiff, )
) Judge ____________________
v. )
Defendant. )
The court enters this Protective Order pursuant to RCFC 26(c)(1) and PRCFC 19(b). This order
does not specify the procedures under which access to National Security Information is to be provided and
may not be construed as requiring the production of any information that is classified for reasons of national
security. Access to such information will be governed solely by existing laws and regulations.
1. As used in this Protective Order, these terms have the following meanings:
a. Attorneys: counsel of record in this litigation;
b. Documents: all materials within the scope of RCFC 34;
c. RestrictedAttorneys’ Eyes Only: a subset of restricted documents that are designated
pursuant to Paragraph 5 below;
d. Written Assurance: an executed document found at Appendix of Forms, Form 9A;
e. Litigation Support Contractors: contractors who are subject to an obligation, either by contract
or trade practice, to maintain the confidentiality of any material received in perfo rmance of
services related to this litigation and rendered for the attorneys of record in this litig ation (by
way of example and not limitation, litigation support contractors include copying services,
court reporters, videographers, document storage and management contractors, database
management contractors, and information technology and network support contractors);
f. Experts: outside persons who are used by a party or its attorneys to furnish technical or expert
services and/or to give expert testimony in this litigation; and
g. Third Party: any party not directly involved in this litigation.

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