Supersedeas Bond (Surety)

Legal Form Number12
CourtU.S. Claims Court
SectionCourt of Federal Claims
United States Court of Federal Claims
________________________, )
) No. _____________
Plaintiff, )
) Judge ____________________
v. )
Defendant. )
1. A judgment was entered in the above-captioned case on ______ [date] in the United States
Court of Federal Claims against Appellant, ___________ [name of appellant] and in favor of
_________________ [name(s) of appellee(s)].
2. _____________ [name of appellant] has filed a timely notice of appeal of this judgment to
the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and desires to suspend enforcement of
the judgment pending determination of the appeal.
Promise to Pay
As a result of the facts just recited:
___________ [name of appellant] and ___________ [names of corporate surety or
sureties], which has an office and usual place of business at _________ [street address],
________________ [city, state, zip code], each undertakes and promises to pay to
______________ [name(s) of appellee(s)] all damages, costs, and interest that may be awarded to
_______ [him or her or it or them] following the appeal of this matter up to the sum of $_____ if:
a. the judgment so appealed is affirmed;
b. the appeal is dismissed; or
c. ________________ [name of appellant] fails to pay promptly all sums awarded against
_____ [him or her or it or them] in or following the appeal in this action, including any
costs that the court of appeals may award if the judgment is modified.
If __________ [name of appellant] fulfills the obligations on appeal set forth above, then
this obligation will become void. Otherwise, the obligation will remain in full force and effect.

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