Notification of Departure of Alien Bonded

Legal Form NumberI-392
SectionU.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
IssuerU.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Field Office Address Obligor's Name
Bond Type
Field Office Telephone Number Alien Number
Bonded Alien Name/Aliases
Purpose -This form will provide verification of departure from the United States of an alien for which a bond has been posted.
Instructions - Upon departure, the above named individual is to immediately present this form in person to the appropriate official at
a United States Embassy, Consulate or Port of Entry upon departure from the United States.
The official will then complete the appropriate portion of the form and present you with the completed and signed for your records.
The official will then forward this document to the above indicated office for appropriate actions.
The records reflect that the above named individual had a bond posted on his/her behalf and:
Was ordered removed on
Was granted voluntary departure by the Immigration Judge to depart on or before
Additional Information –
For Completion by Authorized Personnel
(This form may also be used for other verification of departure purposes.)
Instructions – An official of a United States Embassy, Consulate or Port of Entry is to complete the below information (and above
information if Subject is unable to present his/her copy). The completed original is to be returned to the Subject and an embossed
copy of the completed form is to be forwarded to the above office and/or sent via e-mail to
The above identified individual appeared before me this date
Identification Type:
Identification/Passport #
Departure Place
Method of Departure:
Additional Comments –
(If Available)
Right Index (Rolled)
Alien’s Signature (Sign in ink)
Alien’s Printed Name
ICE Form I-392 (10/22)
Bond Number
pursuant to section(s):
United States Embassy Consulate
Local Government Passport Other
Air Auto Train Boat Other
Departure Date
Authorized Official Signature (Embossed Seal) (Sign in ink)
Authorized Official Printed Name/Title
Port of Entry at:
and presented:
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