OGE Form 278e

Date09 November 2023
SectionOffice of Government Ethics (OGE)
OGE Form 278e (Updated 9/10/2023) (Expires 11/30/24)
U.S. Office of Government Ethics; 5 C.F.R. part 2634
Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE Form 278e)
General Instructions for Completing the OGE Form 278e
Should I Use This Form?
Candidate: Yes, you should file your report using this form.
Other Category of Filer: In most cases, individuals will file their public financial
disclosure reports through an electronic financial disclosure system. Do not use
this form if you plan to file using an electronic financial disclosure system.
When Must I File?
Candidate: Within 30 days of becoming a candidate for nomination or election
to the office of President or Vice President, or by May 15 of that calendar year,
whichever is later, but at least 30 days before the election, and on or before
May 15 of each succeeding year you continue to be a candidate.
Nominee: No later than 5 days after nomination by the President
New Entrant: Within 30 days of assuming a covered position
Annual: No later than May 15 annually
Termination: Within 30 days of leaving a covered position
The employing agency may grant you an extension of up to 45 days for good cause
shown with the possibility of one additional extension of up to 45 days.
Extensions for candidates are granted by the Federal Election Commission.
Late Filing
You will be subject to a $200 late filing fee if you file your report more than 30 days
after the due date (including any extensions). A report is considered to be filed
when it is received by the agency. Agencies may waive this fee if the delay was
caused by extraordinary circumstances. Unless waived, the agency will collect the
fee for deposit with the United States Treasury.
Knowing and willful falsification of information, or failure to file or report
information required to be reported by § 13104 of the Ethics in Government Act of
1978, as amended (the Act), may subject you to a civil monetary penalty and to
disciplinary action by your employing agency or other appropriate authority under
§ 13106 of the Act. Knowing and willful falsification of information required to
be filed by § 13104 of the Act may also subject you to criminal prosecution.
Instructions for Completing Part 1 of the OGE Form 278e: Filer's Positions Held Outside United States Government
Applicability: All filers complete Part 1.
Reporting Period:
Candidate, Nominee or New Entrant: Preceding two calendar years and current
year to filing date
Annual: Preceding calendar year and current year to filing date
Termination: Current calendar year to termination date (in addition, the preceding
calendar year if an Annual report for that year is required but has not yet been filed)
Reporting Requirement:
Report any positions that you held at any time during the reporting period
(excluding positions with the United States Government). Reportable positions
include those of an officer, director, trustee, general partner, proprietor,
representative, employee, or consultant of any for-profit or non-profit
organization (whether compensated or uncompensated).
Do not report the following: (1) positions held as part of your official duties
with the United States Government; (2) positions with religious, social, fraternal,
or political entities; (3) positions solely of an honorary nature; (4) mere
membership in an organization; and (5) passive investment interests as a limited
partner or non-managing member of a limited liability company.
In addition, you do not need to report service as a member of an advisory board
or committee if the following criteria are met: (1) the advisory board or committee
is that of a non-profit or governmental organization; (2) your service is unpaid;
(3) you have no fiduciary duties of the sort exercised by officers, directors, or
trustees; and (4) your role does not involve sufficient supervision by the
organization to create a common law employee-employer relationship.
Completing the Fields:
Organization Name: Provide the name of the organization.
City/State: Provide the city and state in which the organization is located.
Organization Type: Describe the type of organization.
Position Held: Provide the title or a brief functional description of the position
you hold or held.
From: Provide the month and year in which you began in the position.
To: Provide the month and year in which the position ended. If you still hold the
position, write "present."
Nothing to Rep ort: If you do not have anything to report, write "None."
OGE Form 278e (Updated 9/10/2023) (Expires 11/30/24)

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